World Undiscovered 2SE (preview)
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Special edition of our Wolrd Undiscovered track. This is 45 seconds track with sound-fx like swish / swoosh sounds - which are great for video intro, trailer, tv production opening, etc. An inspirational,and a bit mysterious music. Excellent for news/media type of production as well as adventure, exploration, travelling projects. Creates exciting mood and brings associations and pictures of different places or events in different parts of the world. Atmospheric intro which evolves into very dynamic arrangement. Lots of pulsating sounds, filtered piano, acoustic guitars and dynamic drum section.
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About title track - 'World Undiscovered 2SE'

Audio format: .WAV, 16bit / 44.1kHz

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Title: - World Undiscovered 2SE -
Composer: - Soundimage Wojciech Panufnik -
PRO Organisation:None
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