Soundimage Composers - Tempero

Tempero is a Portuguese word that means Spice, but it can also mean Balance. The music presented by Tempero is rich and inspiring, filled with original flavors from around the world. Here you'll find soft and cool Chill-out beats, hard and pounding Rock tunes, majestic and grandiose Orchestral cues and exotic World compositions. Coming to you directly from Brazil, take a listen and see why Tempero's hot tracks have appeared in over 1000 TV and Radio spots.

Felipe Vassão and Janecy Nascimento are the main composers at Tempero, and after almost two decades of writing music for advertising, film and TV, they have honed their skills in multiple genres.

infoComposer - Cuesheet information

Important notice: if you purchased a track by this composer in Soundimage, here you will find a proper details which you are obliged to put on a cue sheet if the production is broadcast radio / tv or in cinemas:

Composer name: - Tempero -
Organisation (PRO):ABRAMUS
CAE/IPI number:554403564
Full name to be put in the cue-sheet of your production