Themed Music Collections

Themed Collections with music can be described as production music tracks compilations, curated sets of tracks based on a specific theme and consistent with certain subject, style or use. Every collection includes around 10 tracks with royalty-free license to synchronize and use in you video production or any other project that requires music. Collections are available for online purchase with instant access to music files and permanent license.

Themed Collections allow you to buy music half of the list price! It's totally new price offer in which on average you pay 50% off for each track.

Themed Collection and Music for video

Themed Collections are compilations with licensed music for movies and video, offered with a royalty-free license that allows using them in a different type of movies, presentations, and ads. Use them on the Internet, TV or radio and your social channels YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. If you’re looking for music based on a specific subject, collections will be a perfect choice! You will get selected collection of tracks with an attractive discount.

You need more music but you want to pay less? Themed Collections - is a double benefit solution: you get a set of a great quality production music with 50% off each track

Music library for filmmakers and video editors!

Themed Collection is a ready-to-go solution for filmmakers and video editors. It allows you to get a one-themed music suitable for a specific production. Do you make a corporate video? Dynamic show-reel or a video report from a sport event? Looking for music for a wedding or a travel video? Themed Collections are a great choice, as they feature a set of high quality production stock music created for a specific theme, project or use.

In Soundimage Music Library you will find a ready made tracks as well as amazing music collections dedicated to a certain project.

How long does it take to find suitable music?

The problem many video productions are facing is incorrectly chosen music. Finding the right soundtrack takes time. What if you need more than a single track, when you need music for the entire movie, vlog or any video content you create and publish frequently? This process becomes even more time-consuming.

So don’t waste your time - check our ready-to-go Themed Collections. They are a great solution - featuring amazing production music offered at a highly discounted price for each track.