Soundimage Composers - Julio Kladniew

Coming to us from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julio Kladniew graduated from Berklee College of Music in contemporary writing and production, and has produced music for more than a hundred TV commercials aired worldwide. Recent clients are Burger King, Western Union, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Alka-Seltzer, and others, and his TV credits include Playbloy TV, Lifestyle, History Channel, and Gourmet (Latin America).

Julio's versatility as a composer and producer allows him to manage a huge range of musical genres in perfect balance.

Julio Kladniew was also co-composer of the soundtrack of the documentary "Sol de Noche," which has been awarded at the following festivals: Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival - USA Cinema de Réel, Paris - France International Documentary Festival - Taiwan Mar del Plata International Film Festival - Argentina.

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Composer name: - Julio Kladniew -
Organisation (PRO):SADAIC
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