Soundimage Composers - Bjorn Lynne

For more than 10 years Bjorn Lynne has been a full time composer, producer and sound designer. He comes from Norway though in 1995 he moved to England where he spent most of his music life. Recenty moved back to Norway, Stavern.

Bjorn Lynne composed music for many well known video games such as 'Worms', 'Lemmings' and other great classics like 'Project-X2', 'Alien Breed 3D' and others. Recently his music was used extensively in the prestigious BBC documentary series 'Meet the Ancestors'. You can also hear his music in dozens of other TV programs, series and films ('The Oracle', 'Vampire Sisters'). Apart from his great works for film, tv, radio and multimedia he also creates music for fun. With more than 10.000 CDs sold from his homepage Bjorn has a lot of fans around the world. His latest album, Beneath Another Sky, is a captivating, atmospheric, dynamic and melodic, musical journey to another world.

infoComposer - Cuesheet information

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Composer name: - Soundimage Bjorn Lynne -
Organisation (PRO):PRS
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