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Project HumanError exists on electronic music scene since 1998. His first achievements where two published albums in Requiem Records (Battery Farm 2002, Tajemnice Ludzkiej Dloni 2003) He also worked on few of the compilations from Requiem Records (Sleep Well, City Songs, Musli) and others like Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes.

HumanError spins around in a climate of illustrative music, designating his work for variety of multimedia projects such as Respiri with Frances Coarena, an Italian contemporary artist, soundtracks for Michal Dawidowicz movies, Until I’m Gone adventure game by Faraway Studios.

His music can be best described as atmospheric ambient, filled with eastern culture and spiced up with symphonic instruments. He feels deep, unconditional love to piano and saxophone and always tries mingle them into his music.

He is currently on his big hunt finding time for his new album and searching new ideas for the Soundimage library.

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Composer name: - HumanError -
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