Soundimage Composers - Chill Purpose

Chill Purpose started his musicial activity in the early 90's as a composer for 8-bit computer games. He spent the next few years developing his producer skills on PC working on several games and multimedia projects.Nowadays, he is a full time producer involved in making soundtracks for TV, radio, spots, commercial presentations websites and mobile devices. Chill's works can be heard in various media productions from CBS American television reports, through internet branding campaigns to mobile games for kids.

As a producer, Chill Purpose is flexible and efficient creating works that are smooth, subtle and elegant. Most representative music genres are Chill-out grooves, Corporate & Business, Mid-tempo Backgrounds and Children's Music. Chill's recent works are musical backgrounds for TVN - a major TV station from Poland and chillout/lounge style beats for Andrew Decarlo's erotic video clips.

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Composer name: - Chill Purpose -
Organisation (PRO):None
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